We are the company of lighting designers!

We are a professional team of lighting designers who care about the final result of the project and about how our work will look in five, ten, or fifteen years.

All our team members work with dedicated lighting software. We know practically all lighting equipment manufacturers in Europe and North America. We constantly analyse this rapidly changing industry. We look for innovations suitable for our markets and offer them to our clients.

We use our extensive experience and knowledge to find the best lighting solutions for our clients. Our colleagues specialise in various types of lighting so we can develop equally professional lighting plans and designs for private houses or apartments, hotels or restaurants, offices, museums, commercial premises, industrial facilities, streets or urban areas.

You are highly welcome to visit us at our office to judge our potential for yourselves.


Light experience room

We have a special light experience room equipped for our clients where everyone can familiarise themselves with different parameters of light and test new possibilities of lamps. Please register for the visit: info@korgas.lt