Hotel Pacai

The Palace of Pacai was founded in 1677, is one of the examples of the Baroque of Vilnius, which suffered during the Soviet occupation and reborn in the 21st century.
PACAI hotel is the first Design Hotel in the Baltic states, which opened its doors in the Spring of 2018.

The lighting of the refurbished and modern architectural

    It is located in one of the oldest main streets of the city - Didžioji str. 7 connecting Vilnius City Hall and Cathedral Square and that proves the historical and cultural significance of this building. Such an importance of this complex obliged the Korgas lighting team to feel a special responsibility for the project to be implemented perfectly.
    The hotel and conference center complex consists of two parts: the old - restored Baroque palace of palaces, and the new - the building of modern architecture. The different architectural poles of their style have been masterfully combined with the professionalism of the architect Saulius Mikštas. The purpose of the lighting is to emphasize the details of this architecture and to further emphasize the architectural peculiarities without being opposed to them.

Project implementation

    One of the tasks was to highlight baroque facade details: pilasters, atikus, volivut, arches. For this purpose minimalist universal floodlights (iPro iGuzzini), linear lightings for straight-line illumination (Linealuce iGuzzini) and in-floor light-emitting diodes (Light Up iGuzzini) were chosen.
    Korgas lighting team helped to implement the unique architect's idea - the lighting of the tile roof hasn‘t yet been implemented in Lithuania. For that reason the high-power wide-angle light projector (iPro iGuzzini) were used.

The exclusive accents of the chamber space

    The windows of the new part of the hotel are delicate accented with 180 ° angle light radius (Trick iGuzzini), and windowless facades are highlighted by wide-angle spotlights that are also installed for lit up tiled roofs (iPro iGuzzini). Interior of the courtyard is illuminated with the same type of spotlight, only with a special elliptical lens. The impressive dimensional lighting fixtures mounted on the floor (Kanpazar 150 B.Lux) have become the exclusive accents of the chamber space.
    The harmony of an old and new is a phrase that can define the essence of a project. Well-tailored lighting solutions and properly selected products helped to realize the idea of interaction between these eternal ideas.


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