The Ilzenberg Manor

The only completely restored manor in Lithuania continues the story that started 500 years ago

The manor palace

   The Ilzenberg Manor was founded in 1515. The manor palace was constructed in the mid-19th century, with architecture in late classicism. In 1863-1896 Ilzenberg Manor was ruled by N.N.Fuchs. He rebuilt the manor, which remained virtually unchanged to this day. The manor palace is surrounded by the beauty of the nature. The farm buildings also are carefully restored and a farm lays in the harmony with nature.
  The fully restored manor palace is a representative two-floor building with luxurious exterior and interior decorations. The palace of the manor is surrounded by granite tentacles, by a large park with a variety of trees and a sparkling Angel Tree fountain.

Interior inspired by the history

     The Ilzenberg manor palace welcomes guests with a noble, tasteful and luxuriously furnished interior, and delights with subtle luminaires designed specifically for this location. In order to preserve the spirit of the historic era, the classical luminaires have been restored and produced by a manufacturer specializing in the production of authentic, historical luminaires.
   In the Grand and Dining halls you can find exclusive elegant crystal chandeliers.
     In the elegant, wood-lined library, as in the old days, the manor atmosphere is created by refined wall and ceiling luminaires.


   On the ground floor there are two large apartments. They consist of living room with fireplace, spacious bedroom and large bathroom and are decorated with classic luminaires.

     On the second floor of the manor palace, there are nine living rooms, which are cozy and stylish, and are equipped with comfortable lighting.

     Each room uses luminaires of different colors, sizes, designs. It gives the space its authenticity and restore the spirit of the palace.

Accents of lighting

    The halls, hallways, staircases and the Blue Hall on the second floor are accentuated by authentic ceiling and wall luminaires that complement the classic interior.

     Spacious historic cellars with authentic vaults, fine red brick walls are illuminated with the recessed the floor luminaires.

  Properly and tastefully selected luminaires perfectly reflect the spirit of the historic era.


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