Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva

       Radisson Blu hotel Lietuva, located on the right bank of the Neris river in Vilnius, well-known as one of the capital's symbols, has been renovated. This hotel is one of the largest hotels in the Baltic States.
  The exclusive lobby interior created by Swedish architects, complemented by lighting solutions, invites hotel guests to make business conversations or spend their leisure time with friends.

Cozy and refined interior

    JSC Korgas participated in the development of a lighting project together with the Swedish design company Lundwall and the German lighting design company Licht 01 Lighting Design.
    In the course of the project were renovated the lobby and reception, were created the new wellness center and the gym, the restaurant was expanded. To create the interior have been used high-quality materials, bold, bright, refreshing color accents, decorative wood details, soft floor coverings and contemporary design furniture according to hanging and recessed luminaires of exclusive design. Our task was to realize and fulfill the wishes of architects and clients with the help of light and luminaires. 

SPA center and gym

    The renovated part of the old hotel building has a new SPA center and gym. Although the wellness center isn‘t large, it does meet the quality characteristics of the best SPA centers. The surfaces of light colors and the harmony of wood details are the basis of aesthetic interiors. Lighting solutions perfectly emphasize room aesthetics, create a cozy atmosphere in changing rooms, showers, SPA areas and access points.
   Guests of the hotel can enjoy a modernly equipped gym next to the SPA, which offers the modern fitness equipment. The gym and its separate functional areas are illuminated with recessed luminaries and hidden LED strips. This wellness center is an ideal place to spend your time and relax. 

Smart lighting control

     In the renovated lobby, reception and common areas, all luminaires come with an adjustable luminous flux. An expanded restaurant uses RGB lighting system. The changing light color system can create a special atmosphere.
   General lighting is provided by specially selected luminaires mounted high in the lobby ceiling. The floor standing and desk luminaires were made specially for this hotel project.
      The lighting is controlled by the intelligent Trilux Livelink program. For individual functional zones, German light designers, together with JSC Korgas lighting specialists, programmed different lighting scenes specifically calculated and adapted for each time of day. The lighting is purposefully selected to meet the different needs of each functional area.


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