Shopping centre Akropolis

In autumn 2017, Cree Europe and Lithuanian engineering solutions company Korgas were brought on board to install a new LED lighting system across the entire outdoor area of the site - from its entrances and facades, to its streets and car parks. 


    Until then, the site was lit by metal halide and sodium luminaires, with energy consumption levels of 174kW/h contributing to higher energy bills for the shopping centre. Some areas were not illuminated enough after dark, making the space harder for customers to navigate.
    AKROPOLIS facilities managers wanted to reduce spending on energy and improve the overall sustainability of the shopping centre while making it even more comfortable place for people to do their shopping, even at night.  
    Installing a new LED lighting system across the AKROPOLIS site came with a set of complex challenges; the new luminaires needed to be installed on existing fixtures without any change to the height or location of the fixtures.


    Korgas engineers were therefore tasked with designing a highly bespoke LED lighting system. Working within the infrastructure constraints of the project, it was important to choose versatile LED lights with advanced optical properties which could be easily adapted to any application. Cree supplied XSP High Output LEDs in the streets surrounding the shopping centre, with high optical control that reduced glare and improved visibility for road users. CPY250 canopy lights were installed in canopies above the entrances to the shopping mall to increase safety and visibility for shoppers after dark, and Edge High Output floodlights were chosen to illuminate open spaces with vivid, even light. The direction, colour temperature and level of light emitted from each luminaire was fine-tuned and set on each luminaire depending on their location. 

Quality and economy

    This bespoke approach paid off. By selecting specific quality and highly versatile Cree luminaires, the lighting architects were able to reduce the number of lights required for each space. This has improved the look-and-feel of the shopping centre instead of six massive luminaries on each high mast, now there is only two Edge High Output luminaries with the aesthetic design.  
    The distribution and uniformity of the light across the site has also been greatly enhanced. Reduced glare has meant more visually comfortable spaces, and new lighting system has greatly improved safety for staff, drivers and customers. 
    Overall energy consumption has dropped by more than 60% to just 65 kW/h. This has significantly reduced AKROPOLIS’ overall running costs and impact on the environment.
    Thanks to Cree’s 10-year warranty and the low maintenance costs associated with their LED luminaires, AKROPOLIS will continue to reap the benefits of this retro-fitting for many years to come.


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