Lukiškės square

LED technology for square lighting

Project implementation

   The lighting of the main square of the capital, after the reconstruction of the square, it had to match with Prof. G.Čaikauskas's "The Tree of Life" concept, also it had to match with lighting standards. So it was important both artistic and technical feasibility. There were raised the requirements for lighting:
• the lighting must be equivalent in the main square and in the children's playgrounds, while "pulsating" in the main paths and on the central tracks;
• using lighting assistance to distinguish the main paths and the most important spaces of the square, accents;
• comfortable and cozy lighting for people;
• The color of the light is warm but "clean" creating a feeling of coziness and impression of modernity.
• evaluate the common square lighting
in the environmental context i.e. it should not wear off and should not compete with strongly illuminated “Gediminas” prospectus. 


    Modern, minimalist design double luminaires "Ufo" were chosen for the lighting of the main pathways. The main paths correspond to the highest class P1 and better (with respect to prospectus lighting).
Used luminaires: https://www.iguzzini.com/search-results/?keywords=bl18
    The sidewalks are illuminated by the same series of luminaires of the same "Ufo" series. Lighting class P1.
Used luminaires: https://www.iguzzini.com/search-results/?keywords=bl02
    The central tracks - illuminated with non-high 1m columns, which are illuminating in 360 ° optics, which was perfectly to emphasize the concept of “The tree of life". Good light propagation has allowed reducing the number of luminaires and providing the necessary lighting throughout the central edifice. Lighting class P3.
Used luminaires: https://www.iguzzini.com/bw79/

The general concept of the city

    The great part of square lighting, that is the "threshold" between the busy illuminated Gediminas prospectus in a cozy and modern city oasis.
    The lighting of the square is in line with the city environment: cozy for everyday and bright enough during the holidays, as well as not moving away from the general context. Illumination of the site is 20-30 lux. The luminaires mounted on floors of 12 m high supports. On each abutment are 3x264W luminaires.


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