Vilnius Old Town fascinates us with its wonderful architecture, but when traveling through the streets of the Old Town, it is easy not to notice the small, cozy, far-fetched courtyards, which are full of mysterious stories and curiosities.
    Gradually, the abandoned courtyards are managed, one of which is the Courtyard of Metraštininkas. The history of this courtyard dates back to the 15th century. 16th century here operated the Mamoničiai printing house. It is believed that the first printing house of Francis Skorina (1490-1541) was also located here, which was a public figure in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania who published the first book in Lithuania, in the old Ruthenian language. Skorina was one of the most famous people of the time, the most famous humanist. In this yard (Stiklių St. 4) in 1973 was build a sculpture created by V. Krutinis, which fits perfectly into the romantic environment of Vilnius Old Town.
   JSC Korgas contributed to the renovation of the yard, designed the lighting of the inner yard wall and the sculpture. For the inner yard wall lighting used the high-quality iGuzzini LED luminaires:, for sculpture lighting: This LED lighting together generates just 50W of electricity to illuminate the entire yard. Also, lighting will not require any maintenance for many years.
     So, in the evening, the yard comes to life, acquiring even more romance and mystery.