A seminar on the topic “Ventilation systems, innovative solutions” was organized by JSC Korgas on 2019 October 24, together with its partner, a Spanish manufacturer, the company MADEL. Ventilation and heating system project developers, designers and installers from all over Lithuania were invited to the seminar. The speaker of the seminar was Bernat Castellanos, Head of MADEL Engineering.
    The seminar presented the activities and products of MADEL. Topics such as the MADEL Diffuser and Air Distributor Selection Program and the Zoning System, a unique MADEL climate zone management approach, were discussed later. Direct communication with the participants of the seminar, answered all the questions of the specialists.
    The team of JSC Korgas that organized the seminar is very proud of the success of the seminar. In the future, it is planned to organize more similar seminars for designers and construction developers on relevant topics. Specialists are invited to contact the representatives of JSC Korgas, who will answer various questions using the experience of global manufacturers.