The 25th anniversary of CJSC “Korgas” was solemnly celebrated in a unique place in the old town of Vilnius, in the Vilnius Club located in the Umiastovsky Palace on 28th of September.
The celebration was attended by friends of the company, not only from Lithuania, but also from abroad. On this occasion, guests arrived from Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus.
    The 25-year is a long period after the restoration of Lithuanian independence, full of new ideas and important decisions. CJSC “Korgas” was established on June 30th in 1993. The main activity of the company was the sale of lighting and ventilation products. Then increased design services for the development and implementation of the lighting and ventilation projects not only in Lithuania, but also in different countries.
    During this year, CJSC “Korgas” expanded beyond the borders of Lithuania - it develops its activities in Latvia and Finland. The company grew into a stable, reliable company in its field of business, gathered a creative and responsible team of employees and has a loyal circle of clients and partners.