The "Antakalnis Terraces"

The modern apartment complex "Antakalnis terraces"

The apartment complex surrounded by nature

  The "Antakalnis Terraces" is one of the newest apartment building complexes in the prestigious place of Vilnius. The peace of nature, the traditions of the capital and the natural environment coexist with well-developed infrastructure and all the amenities of the city.
  Already completed "Spruce Terraces", "Berry Terraces", "Pine Terraces" in the complexes and still under construction, the “Oak Terrace“ the traditions combine with modernity, there are used natural and high quality materials, using energy-efficient solutions to ensure the home economy and minimal environmental impact.

Ventilation system in the underground parking lot

    In the “Oak Terrace“ complex, jet fans were used for smoke extraction. The technology of this system is based on tunnel effect when air flow is generated at the velocity sufficient to “sweep” the ventilated surface. The use of this technology makes air duct system no longer necessary thus reducing the cost of mounting works and materials. This ventilation system consumes less power. In case of fire, jet fans prevent smoke from spreading in the whole area. Smoke is blown to one side of the area. This facilitates the evacuation of people and helps firefighters to find the point of origin of fire. When there is no fire, jet fans operate as CO exhaust gas extractors. If CO levels exceed the maximum permissible levels, CO sensor is triggered and jet fans are activated.
    The manufacturer Sodeca, http://www.sodeca.com.

Ventilation of the storage spaces

For all complexes storage spaces were used duct fans. The swedish manufacturer Östberg, http://www.ostberg.com.
• Proven performance and reliability.
• Compact with high capacity and efficiency.
• Low sound levels. Impeller with backward curved blades.
• The external rotor motor has maintenance-free sealed ball-bearings and is very energy efficient.
• For speed control a transformer or electronic speed controller can be connected.
• Integrated motor protection. Junction box has enclosure class IP 54.
• Fan housing is manufactured from galvanized sheet steel.
• A duct connected fan can be installed outside or in damp environments.
• Easy installation in any position.


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