Swimming pool in Klaipeda

The air diffusers manufactured by MADEL

A good air distribution in the swimming pool is guaranteed by various air diffusers manufactured by MADEL.


    MADEL air diffusers are installed in the corridors, lobby, changing rooms, staff, cafes, offices and administrative spaces. Air diffusers had to distribute air evenly without leaving any still air zones and without exceeding permitted air velocities or sound levels and had to have an easily washable surface. The colours of air diffusers were adapted to the interior.
    Air distributors are installed on false ceilings and are great for indoor use. They fit perfectly and meet architectural requirements.


    Distribution and extraction of fresh air together with cooling, depending on the amount of the air, the spaces of the swimming pool are equipped with Madel manufacturer AXO vortex-type and S square perforated surface DFZ-S DFR air diffusers with insulated connection boxes. These diffusers are ideal for different heights (from 2.4 m to 4 m), which requires a high level of comfort.
    The AXO-S has a circular gap on the air distributor surface, which more effectively mixes the supplied conditioned air and the air already flowing in the room. http://www.madel.com/en/product/axo-adjustable-vanes-diffusers/
    The front panel of the DFZ-S and DFR air distributors has a perforated, easily cleaned surface, they are adapted for large volumes of air. http://www.madel.com/product/dfz-perforated-face-diffusers/

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