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Cost-Effective System


Selecting the most efficient lamps available in the market with the best-performing LED sources. Ensuring an even lighting level of 500 lux in the production area.

Applying efficient lighting control solutions taking into account that an automatic production line dominates the area and employees move from one workplace to another in the course of the day. In addition, the skylights let in a lot of natural light to the production zone.

Implemented Solutions

We selected the lamps of American company Cree for the lighting of production area. These are extremely robust products with service life extending to as much as 20 or more years.

A special patented 8-step coating technology is resistant to friction, UV, and aggressive chemical environment. LED sources are covered with PMMA optical lenses. It is a patented optical lens technology Nano Optic created by Cree which scatters and diverts light based on the refraction principle without any efficiency losses.

These lenses help to achieve a very high level of evenness. 20+ options of optics offer flexible solutions to a variety of complicated lighting situations using the same lamp.

Implemented Solutions

When deciding on lighting control solution, we had to find a way to maintain a constant lighting level of 500 lux in the presence of employee and with changing natural light.

This issue was solved through the application of a special presence and light sensor. In the absence of a person, a pre-set safe lighting level is maintained in the workplace and, with the arrival of employee to the workplace, the lighting reaches the level of 500 lux. However, when the amount of natural light coming in through the skylight is sufficient, the lamps switch off.


Lighting of Office

We had to find a suitable lighting for Scandinavian style interior to ensure good working conditions for employees and create a cosy atmosphere. To achieve this, the architects applied an unusual and original solution by integrating some of the lamps into a wooden profile created and manufactured specifically for this project.    

Lamps in workplaces have special light diffusers suitable for work with computers which protect the employee's eyes from fatigue.
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